PlayPeli selected AnaJet DTG Printers for their Projects

Anajet mPower DTG Printer mSeries
PLAYPELI has selected Anajet as its Direct to Garment printer for its projects.
PLAYPELI located in Shanghai, whos specialized in designing, producing and marketing of different products inspired by popular brands like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run etc.

playpeli anajet.

Phyrex Ni, Business Development Director of PlayPeli stated they select Anajet mPower series after reviewing many other brands of Direct to Garment Printers. They found Anajet mPower series are most cost-effective compared to other brands like EPSON. Anajet printers mP10i and mP5i found most reliable DTG printer during Playpeli’s Testing period and they are extremely happy with their customer support as well