Be a PRO on screen printing in 2 minutes by GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker

The GOCCOPRO 100 is a digital screen maker that will take single or multi-coloured artwork and digitally turn it into a stencil ready to attach to your frame for screen printing. It’s ideal if you need rapid turn around times because you no longer need to coat emulsion, dry and expose your artwork before printing.  You will not only save time but also money as you can do without emulsions, degreasers, exposure units, drying cabinets and copious amounts of tape.

You create artwork (and separate if multi colour) as normal, send the artwork directly to the GOCCOPRO which then creates the stencil, when completed you take the stencil and attach it to the frame.  You are now ready to register the frame on the press and print.

The GOCCOPRO 100 uses a special mesh which is coated with a special heat-sensitive polymer. There are 4 different mesh counts ranging from 70p to 200p so you can use a variety of inks including solvent, Plastisol and water-based. The mesh is not re-usable and when you have finished printing you dispose it.

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