10 Reasons to invest in LED Flatbed iUV600s UV Printer

UV LED flatbed printer iUV 600s

  • 1. Fast printing
  • UV LED printer can print much faster compared to traditional printers at High print quality with sharp and clear images. The prints are more durable and resistant to scratches.

    Compress iUV-600s UV LED printer can produce color brilliant 1440 dpi UV print at incredible speed. With a bed size of 600mm x 450mm, iUV-600s UV LED printer can print up to 100 sqft/h in production mode and 50 sqft/h in quality mode. iUV 600s is the fastest UV printer available in the market.

  • 2. Prints on a variety of materials
  • UV printer is flexible to print on different materials like wood, glass, metal, acrylic, plastic, ceramics, MDF, leather etc.

  • 3. Prints on objects with any shape and size
  • UV printer is able to print on different shapes and size products such as Phone case, posters, bottle, keychain, CD, Golf Ball, labels, signage, packaging etc. It can produce embossed prints as well.

    UV Printer for wood, plastic, glass

  • 4. Rotary attachment and Roll Options
  • Rotary attachment option helps in direct UV print to cylindrical items such as bottles, glass tumblers, candles, plastic cups, water bottles and more.

    For continuous sheet, plastics and magnet materials are also compatible on the iUV600s with a non powered unwind devise using 3 and 1.5inch media cores.

  • 5. Easy to operate and maintain
  • Easy to load the material and print. Even non-technical person can easily operate the machine.

    Auto cleaning and Auto circulation features prevents print head clogging.

  • 6. Low cost Inks
  • Lowest printing cost compared to other UV printers in the industry

  • 7. Fast ink curing
  • UV ink dries through photochemical process. When the UV printing ink are exposed to UV light the prints dries fast. iUV 600s have adjustable dual LED which can maximize or minimize according to the nature of material to control the speed of curing.

  • 8. Best choice for corporate Gift and promotional items printing
  • Direct printing on object, Large print area (600mm x 450mm), low ink cost, 300mm media height and printing speed makes it a best choice for gift printers.

    The ability of printing on a variety of products range compared to sublimation solutions such as Pen, CD, Keychain, USB, Golf Ball, Labels, Business Card, ID card etc.

    Because sublimation need special treated and coated items and to apply high temperature on the item itself.

  • 9. Eco-Friendly
  • Eco- Friendly Com-press inks emits less volatile organic compounds and Low odor . The Low noise iUV 600s UV Printing machine suitable for easy operation in office environment.

  • 10. Machine is compact size.
  • The machine can fit in a small room and avoids special tables or additional machine like rotary, sublimation machine or heat press.

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    What is UV Printing ?

    uv printer / UV LED /  UV Flatbed Printer / UV Printing

    UV Printing is a fast growing technology in the wide format printing industry. New UV LED printing technology improved the printing speed and the quality of printing and expanded its capabilities with direct printing option.

    When we comparing the process of traditional printing like pad printing, screen printing and digital inkjet printing – the ink evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper. But in UV printer, the UV inks dries through photochemical process rather than the solvents evaporating in to the air. When the UV printing ink are exposed to UV light, they turn to a solid rapidly from liquid or paste. This happens because of less absorption of the ink into the stock and less evaporation of the solvents.

    Advantages of UV Printing

    • Flexibility of UV printing on a variety of substrates like glass, metal, plastics, acrylic, textiles, Leather etc.
    • High Print Quality- Sharp and clear images with vibrant colors
    • Durable prints – The UV print is more resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and sun light exposure.
    • Fast ink cure – The UV printing ink dries immediately. This saves your time for waiting the ink to dry.
    • No Odor – Eco- Friendly UV ink emits less volatile organic compounds and produces no odor.
    • Cost effective
    • Eco-friendly

    UV Flatbed Printer – iUV 600s

    UV Printer / UV LED Printer /  UV Flatbed Printer

    UV LED Flatbed Printer – iUV 600s

    Selection of High Quality Digital UV Printing Machine is one of the challenging aspect .

    Multisystem Technologies, leading uv printing machine suppliers introducing iUV-600s – a new UV flatbed printer aiming UAE and Middle East printing market for all your custom printing needs.

    The Compress iUV-600s is developed for fast on-demand color digital printing on a wide range of materials.This UV Printer can produce color brilliant UV print at an incredible speed.

    iUV-600s UV LED printer provides a max print area of A2+ size(604mm x 450mm). It can print upto 100sqft/hour in production mode and 50 sqft/hour in quality mode. This UV printing machine has an adjustable media height upto 300mm which is the largest of any printer in its class.


    • Eight independent color channels
    • 604 x 450mm print area with 300mm media height
    • Optional unwind / rewind for roll media
    • WIMS white ink management onboard
    • All steel construction
    • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
    • Inbuilt media height detection
    • Ink mist extraction


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